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With SFC Riga Radio we would like to provide a new, accessible, experience for everyone who wants to get a step to all the F1 action and the Ferrari world. The program is created by our passionate team of experienced commentators, with deep in-sights to the racing sport and with the extra touch to make it available for persons with vision disability as well.

Our team currently produces a weekly show called “F1 update” to discuss the recent and most actual news such as the latest team developments, driver's rumours and a quick analysis of the upcoming race.
Additionally, we are providing live commentary throughout each official F1 race in our show “F1 live”. The commentary, provided by our experts, includes additional audio description content, to make the Formula 1 sports available to everyone.

Currently our shows are available in Italian language. We will expand to other languages as well as add additional show formats.


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To offer you the most comfortable experience while listen to our program, we have created our mobile radio application. Not only to follow our live radio shows, but to get direct access to all past episodes.
The application is available on Apple App store free or charge. Download the application and have quick access to all our shows.

  • Start listening to our broadcasts by a single button
  • Set alarms to get reminded when a new show starts broadcasting
  • Listen to the entire archive of our shows
  • Get notifications about exclusive information
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SFC Riga Radio shows

F1 update

The weekly news show keeps up with the latest development and interesting stories in the Formula 1 world. The SFC Riga Radio commentators will analyse what happened in past races, who has the best chance for the next and which team may look for new drivers.

F1 live

Formula 1, a gentleman's sport that fascinates all over the world. Live commentary from SFC Riga Radio will make you a part of the races. It will not only be like being on the track but you will also receive extra information dedicated to the visually impaired.

F1 quickstop

Prior each race we are sharing all information you have to know before following our live commentary. Alberto Galassi will give you the results and important notes about the Qualifying and Valerio Palmigiano will introduce the race track in details.


Antonio Caruccio

At the age of 30, has already spent most of his life in every communication aspect of Motorsport. Raised and born as journalist in 2005 for Italiaracing, Autosprint and, faced many experiences as TV Commentator and Speaker for Rai Sport, Sky Italia, Sportitalia and MS Motor TV, moreover worked as Press Office in Auto GP as well Junior Press Office in World Series and GT Sport. Social Media Manager for Circuits, Drivers, Teams and Championships such as: FIA Motorsport Games, EuroFormula Open, GT Open, GT Cup Open, Romeo Ferraris, FFF Racing, Alex Fontana, Kevin Ceccon, Markus Pommer, Andrea Caldarelli, Davide Rigon, David Fumanelli, Autodromo Varano and Time Attack Italia. He was also one of the youngest Italian Formula 1 accredited journalist since 2011, covering National and International series around the globe. He started to be a TV guest in the role of opinionist and TV host for On-RaceTV and Pianeta Pista.

Valerio Palmigiano

Valerio Palmigiano is an Italian international tax consultant (certified chartered accountant) currently living in Riga, Latvia.
He has been the president of Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga since September 2013. His presidency of the club allows him to express the passion he has since childhood for Ferrari.

Alberto Galassi

Born in 1958, he started to follow motorcycles races in early ‘60 during the famous Temporada Romagnola years, racing cars meeting in Cesenatico and hillclimbs before his first visit at a proper circuit, Monza, for a 1000km race. The battle among Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Lola, Ford and Ferrari hooked him and so he became a passionate fan of motor racing, rallies included. He was field man for General Motors Italia and a member of the Opel Rally team in the ‘80s. Also he enjoyed the local heroes that raced in the lower formulas and had many friends in the motorsport area. He is always interested in the historic side of the drivers and riders, cars and motorcycles, tracks, teams and people, the most intriguing face of the sport.


Christoph Damm

Christoph Has a formal education in software development and network administration. He has spent a decade in providing technical solutions at Masaryk University for the support unit for students with special needs before starting to offer accessibility consultancy as well as providing solutions to ensure accessible events and conferences.
Since the idea raised, offering radio shows with emphasise on accessibility, he was engaged in finding solutions and enabling the radio shows regardless of distances. Since then, Christoph joins our team and ensures the technical aspects of our shows.

Sponsors and supporters

Information for potential sponsors

Why Sponsorship ?

Providing a service for enthusiasts is rewarding. Providing a service for enthusiasts and including everyone, disregarding a disability is even better.
Sponsoring is the ideal way to contribute and enable more people to participate in the most fascinating sport.

Why should you sponsor SFC Riga Radio ?

When you sponsor our professional radio shows, you are able to reach a large group of enthusiasts as well as persons with vision impairment.
Our partnership with the official radio of the Italian Blind Union “Slash Radio Web” gives us the possibility to reach out to the majority of blind and visual impaired persons all over Italy. Our passion and identification with our brand and shows we are a trustworthy partner to our listeners This platform we are eager to share with our sponsors.
We offer a high visibility during our international activities, our radio program as well as on our website and mobile application.

Why visually impaired are an important target group ?

It is important to know that in Italy alone there are 150.000 persons with severe vision impairment and 40.000 of them are members of the Italian Blind Union. Yet, those are only those, declaring a disability and the amount of persons who have one or the other vision limitation is much higher.
Addressing specially those users with content prepared for their needs is important. Offering access to culture, sport and leisure is important.
The growing amount of elderly automatically increases the group of persons with vision loss and keeping them included is essential for them now and will be essential for our self in the future.

How is sponsoring our radio valuable to you ?

A partnership with the “Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga” and in particular our radio shows provide your company with an opportunity to leverage sales through marketing and offers a chance to reach a wide audience as well as the important community influencers.

  • Promote your brand or product on our website
    We offer dedicated space for our sponsors to present their logos. Our website is our pride and with several hundred clicks daily, we are addressing a wide range of audience.
  • Promote your brand or product within our mobile application
    Our mobile application provides direct access to our broadcast as well as the entire archive. We provide the possibility to our sponsors to add their logo as well as a short textual message within the application. The application is available to all our audience and currently is installed hundreds of devices. We expect to see the numbers growing as soon as our Android mobile application is introduced to the market as well.
  • Play a Product or brand advertisement jingle within our broadcast
    During our broadcast we have a limited possibility to play jingles to the entire audience live as well as to those who listen our recordings later on. We currently have in average several hundred live listeners at all time as well as those, who consume the recordings at a later time.
  • Have your brand or product present an entire F1 race live commentary
    Providing a live commentary of a Formula 1 race is our biggest asset and the preparation of such a show requires our entire team. We are especially thankful for our sponsors who support the realisation of an entire broadcast. As a broadcast sponsor your brand name will be added to the show title as well as your jingle can be played at the beginning and end of the show. Not only will your support be visible to our listeners but to everyone who will obtain our broadcast advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How can the link to our service be useful for you ?

By establishing a firm link between your company and the “Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga”, you have linked yourself with an interest in the highest professional standards for providing inclusion and opportunities to persons with vision impairment. This keeps your brand top-of-mind within the target group as well as provides you with a high prestige among others.

Who can you reach with sponsoring our service ?

Our program addresses both younger and seasoned enthusiasts with as well as without vision impairment. Our strategic partnership with the national Italian Union of the Blind and the online radio “Slash Radio Web” give us access to almost the entire Italian population with vision impairment and allows us to promote our activities as well as our associates via all available channels and organised events.